fic: with bloodied feet (pg-13, terezi/rose, terezi/dave) 

Ladystuck reveals! Dude, I guessed so many of these authors correctly. Damn it, I should have started a betting pool. :[ But seriously - wow, so much amazing work, by so many amazing people. I am seriously humbled and grateful to have been a part of this!

Anyway here is my offering: a bit of Rose/Terezi, set in an AU where the Strider-Lalondes are bounty hunters, because… um, because of reasons. Sexy reasons! I’d say they were plot reasons, but I’d be lying through my teeth. Also there isn’t any kissing, oh dear, haha.

Written for horosphere, who asked for Rose and Terezi being passive-aggressive, snarky, and dancing around their feelings for each other. All of your requests were awesome and fun-sounding and I wanted to write all of them, especially the other Rose one (!!!) but I couldn’t, I couldn’t write all the requests :( I hope you enjoyed this, at any rate!

if: you are a cliffhanger ending 

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something to listen to while plundering all dat booty (heh) in the ladystuck archive, perhaps? :3

caveat lector!! (or… auditor, i guess?) i realize some of these song choices are a bit…. unconventional haha (especially the last track!). i will happily explain the reasoning, such as it is, behind any of them to anyone who cares to ask. 

liner notes behind the cut—

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yeah don’t front like this wasn’t the first thing you thought of as well